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Now defunct German game development studio, which was an arm of the demoscene group Farbrausch.


Company Name .theprodukkt
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Country Germany
Website http://www.farbrausch.de/
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German company of two designers who began in the demoscene in 2000, and who specialize in making procedural textures and content that take up very small disk size.

For example, .kkrieger, a procedurally generated first person shooter, takes up a phenomenally small 96 kilobytes. While the game, as the authors admit, is more demonstration than game at this point, it shows the potential for functional worlds to be generated through processing power and not overtly mapped environments.

.kkrieger is not procedurally generated by user input or random values, but instead generated from algorithms embedded in the main file.

Some other programs available on their main site as of July 2008 are tools for creating your own procedurally generated textures, and a demo of the potential of their design philosophy.

Apart from .kkrieger, they created a 96k teaser for Project Snowblind (2005) and the interactive PS3 demo.detuned in 2009.

As of 2014 .theprodukkt's original website at theprodukkt.com no longer works, but their releases are available on Farbrausch's website at http://www.farbrausch.de/