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Yusuke Kitagawa

A male disciple of the master artist Madarame who later joins the Phantom Thieves as "Fox" after seeing the truth behind his teacher's fame. His Persona is Goemon.

Character Name Yusuke Kitagawa
Gender Male
First Appearance Granblue Fantasy


Unlike most of the Thieves, Yusuke doesn't attend Syujin Academy, but a different school called Kosei High. He is a poise and generally polite young man, who treats most people he meets with respect. He carries himself with a sense of elegance through how he talks and expresses himself. This is shown during his initial encounter with Anne Takamaki, as he respectfully asks her to model for him. His sincerity can be a bit pushy at times, and the way he shifts from being calm to overly dramatic causes some people to think of him as weird.


Yusuke becomes an official party member during the Thieves heist attempt on Madarame's Palace. His handler name is "Fox". He awakens to his Persona "Goemon" when Shadow Madarame reveals the selfish truth of his status as a genius was born from stealing his students talents. Yusuke's specialties are in melee and Ice-based attacks.

As a Phantom Thief, Yusuke are among the high-thinkers of the group. Despite his lack of social skills, his sincerity and willingness to point out what he truly thinks is what makes among the most loyal and honest of the Thieves.