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Tsukasa Sagawa

One of the retainers to the Fifth Chairman of the Omi Alliance and patriarch of the Sagawa yakuza family. He owns the Grand Cabaret in Osaka.

Character Name Tsukasa Sagawa
Gender Male
First Appearance Yakuza 0


Tsukasa Sagawa (佐川司, Sagawa Tsukasa) is the owner of the Cabaret Club, The Grand, and the one charged with holding Goro Majima's leash. Sagawa has been granted the authority to kill Majima, should he ever cross him. He was given this task by Majima's former Captain, and sworn-oath-brother, Futoshi Shimano of the Tojo Clan.

Unlike most of his fellow Yakuza, Sagawa prefers to live the life of a playboy as opposed to that of a hardboiled gangster. Despite appearances he is dangerous, and is not above resorting to violence when things don't spin his way.