Momotaru gamesplus


The main character of the Higemaru games.

Character Name Momotaru
Gender Male
First Appearance Pirate Ship Higemaru

Momotaru was the courageous sailor who fought against the Higemaru pirates in Pirate Ship Higemaru and Higemaru Makaijima.

Decades later, he was considered as a playable character for Street Fighter V, but was rejected in favor of Birdie. His SFV website profile states that he did pick a fight with Ryu at some point, though.

The antagonist of Pirate Ship Higemaru (Bows), the long-dead pirate legend from Higemaru Makaijima (Beard), and the pirate from Marvel vs. Capcom 2(Ruby) became his siblings in his SFV profile. These pirates became regular sailors in the new retcon.