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Lee Wen Hai

A former hitman who works at the Hogushi Kaikan massage parlor in Osaka.

Character Name Lee Wen Hai
Gender Male
First Appearance Yakuza 0

Lee Wen Hai is a major character in Yakuza 0. He is known by the nickname "God Hand," ostensibly due to his renown as a highly-effective massage therapist and acupuncturist. However, he is also a skilled hand-to-hand fighter and refers to his "God Hand" offensive technique on multiple occasions while fighting against Goro Majima.

Lee is first encountered in Chapter 4 by Majima, who initially believes Lee is the assassination target given to him by his yakuza handler Tsukasa Sagawa. However, once Majima tracks his quarry to the Hogushi Kaikan massage parlor in Osaka's Sotenbori district, he discovers his true target is a blind female masseur named Makoto Makimura who works as Lee's assistant. Unable to carry out the hit after this revelation, Majima flees from Hogushi Kaikan with Makoto in tow after Lee is shot by a rival group of yakuza who also happen to be searching for Makoto.

After escorting Makoto to a safehouse in Sotenbori, Majima manages to find Lee again by interrogating a Chinese doctor treating Lee's gunshot wounds. Once Majima makes clear his intention to protect Makoto, Lee reveals his own history as a former contract hitman who originally found Makoto six months prior while raiding the base of some Korean mafia involved in human trafficking. He also refers to a man with a tattoo of a bat on his left arm as the person responsible for Makoto's abduction and subsequent selling into slavery; Lee blames this mystery man for Makoto's psychologically-induced blindness.

Despite their new alliance, Majima clashes with Lee over his plan to fake Makoto's death by killing a similiar-looking woman and then substituting her corpse for Makoto's. After Majima discards some photos taken by Lee of Makoto's body double and one of Makoto's spare work uniforms, the items are retrieved from a garbage can by an unstable yakuza patriarch named Homare Nishitani, who carries out Lee's murderous plan by himself. Lee congratulates Majima about the news of Makoto's "demise" the next day, assuming the reluctant assassin had a change of heart. After setting the record straight, Majima is summoned by Nishitani to meet with him at the Grand, where the impetuous patriarch attempts to negotiate for custody of Makoto. Majima refuses his offer, and Nishitani is arrested by local police after instigating a fight with Majima inside the Grand.

Lee is subsequently betrayed by his Chinese doctor, who follows Majima to the safehouse where Makoto is hidden, accompanied by several of Sagawa's men. The doctor is critically injured by Sagawa's thugs, whom Majima dispatches before fleeing with Makoto while Lee stays behind to tend to the doctor's wounds. Making their way through the yakuza-infested streets of Sotenbori, Majima and Makoto meet up again with Lee outside Hogushi Kaikan, where Lee keeps a van he plans to use for their escape from Osaka. However, Lee is killed by a car bomb triggered when he starts the van's engine; the force of the explosion throws Majima and Makoto off their feet as they approach the van, leaving the pair lying injured in the street and at the mercy of an armed and gloating Sagawa.