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Lana the White Sorceress is a character debuting in Hyrule Warriors. She is an original character designed specifically for the game.

Character Name Lana
Gender Female
First Appearance Hyrule Warriors


Lana is a white sorceress and a playable character in Hyrule Warriors and is one of several original characters created for the game. She shares a fierce rivalry with Cia, and wishes to stop her at any cost to herself. Lana fights using magic, and can use a book of sorcery as her weapon. Her powers allow her to summon barriers barriers and blocks that can be pushed or rolled through crowds of enemies. Other weapons she can acquire include a spear with powers of the Great Deku Tree and a summoning gate that can call forth cuccos.

Lana is a cheerful, kind-hearted girl that fights to protect others. She is the one that first informs Link, Zelda, and Impa of Cia and her plot. Though Lana's origins are initially a mystery, she is in fact the good side of Cia that was forced out when essence of Ganondorf's evil spirit took hold of her.