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Kuzenbo is a deity from the Japanese pantheon. He is a Kappa, an anthopromorphic turtle. He features as a playable Guardian character in Smite.

Character Name Kuzenbo
Gender Male
First Appearance Smite

Kuzenbo is King of the Kappa. Kappa have a juvenile sense of humor, and they could be mistaken for mischievous turtle-men, but they are dangerous, strong and ruthless when attacking their prey. Kuzenbo is bigger, stronger, and much more cunning than other Kappa, but equally as infantile.

In Japanese lore, Kuzenbo has fought many times but defeated only twice.


Kuzenbo is a playable god in Smite. He is a Guardian character and was added to the game on February 14, 2017.

He is part of the Japanese pantheon and is a magic/melee character.

Mike Pollock voices the default Kuzenbo skin.


Passive - Water Bowl

Each time Kuzenbo takes over 2% of his maximum health worth of damage, pre-mitigation, he is granted a Stack of 1% Damage Reduction for each 2% lost as the bowl of water atop his head fills (Max 10 Stacks). Stacks last 10s and are refreshed each time he gains another. When he is knocked up, knocked back, grabbed, pulled, banished or otherwise disrupted, the bowl loses half of it's stacks until he begins to fill it again.

1st Ability - NeNe Kappa

Kuzenbo summons and throws the powerful NeNe Kappa, who can ricochet off of walls. After firing, if the NeNe Kappa bounces off of a wall it will travel 70 units from that point up to a maximum of 2 bounces. If an Enemy God is hit by the NeNe Kappa, it will burst forth from it's shell and attack them.

2nd Ability - Shell Spikes

The spikes on Kuzenbo's back extend out, damaging enemies who attack Kuzenbo. While active, each time Kuzenbo takes damage, the cooldown on NeNe Kappa is reduced. Kuzenbo may activate this ability even while under the effects of Crowd Control.

3rd Ability - Sumo Slam

Kuzenbo charges forward, immune to slows and roots, damaging Enemy minions and using his immense strength to push the first Enemy God he hits along with him. Each subsequent Enemy he hits deals damage to both that god and the god Kuzenbo is pushing. Colliding with a wall will also deal damage to the pushed god. Pushed targets can be hit a maximum of 3 times.

Ultimate - Watery Grave

Kuzenbo pulls himself inwards under his shell and spins, summoning fierce currents that knock enemies back, increase his movement speed, and allow him to move freely in all directions. Damage after the first spin is reduced by 50%.