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Keiji Shibusawa

One of the three lieutenants of the Dojima yakuza family in 1988 and patriarch of the Shibusawa family. He is a shrewd businessman who meticulously manages Dojima's financial interests.

Character Name Keiji Shibusawa
Gender Male
First Appearance Yakuza 0


Shibusawa is the brains behind Dojima's operations. If Kuze provides the muscle and Awano is the public face, spreading awareness through threats and extortion, then Shibusawa is the financial beast with a talent for setting a goal and achieving results. While he too plays his hand, just as well as his collegues, he's much more cunning at keeping his plans hidden.

Ultimately his ambition of becoming the only Dragon of Dojima, and Captain of the Dojima Family is so great, that he succeeds at acquiring Makimura Makoto before the other two lieutenants; All done by playing everyone against each other. Unlike either of them, there is no shred of decency or honor in Shibusawa's methods. When he achieves the rank of Captain, his first order to eliminate every single member of the Kazama Family, including Makimura Makoto. He is usually cool and collected in his dealings, but when Kiryu comes to stop his plans aboard the yacht, the facade crumbles as Kiryu is a threat to his ambition of becoming the Dragon of Dojima.