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The main protagonist of Abyss Odyssey, she is a part of the dream created by the sleeping warlock, who lurks at the bottom of the Abyss.

Character Name Katrien
Gender Female
First Appearance Abyss Odyssey


Being the most balanced of the 3 main playable characters, Katrien has a mix of power and speed, but lacks longer range and area attacks. Her weapons are lighter swords, usually rapiers.

She has a small variety of special moves, which can be unlocked by gaining golden orbs gained by a few different ways, such as completing a playthrough, or defeating a mini-boss/boss:

A basic fireball that shoots forward. While in the air, the fireball will shoot diagonally downward. This is Katrien's starting special move.
Katrien leaps into the air, slashing the enemy upwards.
A sliding kick that knocks enemies back; This move also makes Katrien take a step backwards at the end of the attack.
Katrien spins in place, sword extended. This moves hits nearby targets in front of and behind her, and can do up to 3 hits.