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An ancient and powerful sorceress who wishes to ascend to a power higher than Zeus himself.

Character Name Kalabrax
First Appearance Xena: Warrior Princess - The Talisman of Fate

A master of black sorcery, Kalabrax banded together several allies and planned to create a new world order to replace the Olympian Gods. Xena thwarted her allies, but Kalabrax managed to capture Gabrielle nevertheless. When Kalabrax appeared to Xena, she revealed her plan and opened a rift in the earth that sent Xena to the Underworld.

Xena managed to escape the Underworld and confront Kalabrax before the villain was able to sacrifice Gabrielle. Xena defeated Kalabrax, but Kalabrax transformed into a massive beast. After a second battle, Kalabrax was vanquished and Xena saved Gabrielle from the crumbling temple.