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John Spartan

Special Operations Sargeant for the LAPD in 1996. A hard man from a hard time.

Character Name John Spartan
Gender Male
First Appearance Demolition Man

John "The Demolition Man" Spartan was a legend of the LAPD in the late 20th century. He was known for having arrested over 1000 serious criminals in a 3 year span as well as his reputation for causing collateral property damage while making the arrests.

In 1996 he lead a team of officers on an unauthorized assault on Simon Pheonix's in order to rescue 20 hostages. During this assault the building they're being held in is destroyed and in the aftermath the police find the bodies of not just the 20 hostages, but 10 additional civilians as well.

Though these hostages were already killed before John Spartan had arrived, Simon Pheonix claimed otherwise and framed John Spartan who was sentenced to 70 years in a cryoprison.

After Simon Pheonix escaped during his parole hearing in 2032, John Spartan was also thawed so that he could help the police recapture Simon.