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Jameson Locke

Locke is an agent of The Office Of Naval Intelligence.

Character Name Jameson Locke
Gender Male
Birthday 03/15/2529
First Appearance Halo: The Master Chief Collection


A top agent for the Office of Naval Intelligence, Jameson Locke serves as an ONI Acquisitions Specialist, retrieving important objects held by enemy hands as well as tracking and assassination high value targets. His current rank is Lieutenant Commander in military branch Oni. Section 3.

Jameson Lock will be modeled after actor Mike Colter, who will also be providing voice over for the character. Locke will be a playable character in Halo 5 Guardian's campaign.

Ike Amadi eventually did the voiceover for Locke, as Mike Colter was too busy filming the Netflix series Jessica Jones to be able to do all of it himself. It is unknown at this time if Colter or Amadi will voice this character moving forward.