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NPC villager from the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons series. Originally a rival for Maria's affections in the N64 release, Harris' role changes in later iterations.

Character Name Harris
First Appearance Harvest Moon 64

Should the protagonist befriend him in the later iterations, he will reveal a side story involving Manna and Duke's daughter, Aja.

  • Harvest Moon 64 - Flowerbud Village's local postal worker. He's friendly and sociable and will marry Maria should the protagonist befriend him and not pursue her for marriage.
  • Harvest Moon: Back to Nature - Mineral Town's lone police officer and Mayor Thomas's son. Even though there's hardly any crime, the mayor still worries about him. He makes regular patrols up the mountains and around town everyday. Should the protagonist befriend him, Manna, and Duke, a mini side story about Harris's crush on Aja (Manna and Duke's daughter) will open up.
  • Harvest Moon: Friends/More Friends of Mineral Town - Same role as "Back to Nature."
  • Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town - Same role as "Friends/More Friends of Mineral Town"