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Fujitora is a marine admiral in the One Piece series. He ate a gravity-based devil fruit. He represents blind justice. His real name is Isshou.

Character Name Fujitora
Gender Male
First Appearance One Piece: Unlimited World RED


Fujitora (Real name Issho) is a marine admiral in Eiichiro Oda's popular manga and anime series, One Piece.

Currently little is known about Fujitora's background. All that is really known is that he did not become an admiral until the two year timeskip.


Fujitora is a generally calm and collected individual. Unlike others who share his title, Fujitora seems to take great priority in the people's well being, and tries not be reckless.

Despite being an admiral of the marines, he has openly criticized some of the governments decisions. In particular, Fujitora is strongly opposed to the Shichibukai, stating to Donquixote Doflamingo that he would make it his mission to have the system abolished.

Fujitora is completely blind, but instead of thinking of it as a disability, he considers it to be a blessing, since he is saved from seeing the evils of the world.

Powers and abilities

Currently, Fujitora's full combative abilities have yet to be showcased. However, given his status as a marine admiral, it can be assumed that he is one of the most powerful people working under the world government.

Fujitora seems to have ingested a currently unnamed Paramecia class Devil Fruit which grants him the ability to manipulate gravity. This has been seen by causing intense heavy pressure on his enemies, and by also being able to fly on rocks as a means of transportation. Additionally, he is able to pull meteors out of the sky to come crashing down.

He also seems to possess some skill with a sword. Interestingly, when he cuts an opponent with it they do not suffer a physical wound, but are rather linked to his Devil Fruit ability where he can use the force of gravity on them.

His blindness does not appear to hinder his combative abilities.