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A party member in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Character Name Elma
Gender Female
First Appearance Xenoblade Chronicles X

Elma is the main protagonist in Xenoblade Chronicles X, has brown skin, white hair, and blue eyes. The player character is silent so interactions and story telling is done through Elma.

She is the leader of the Reclaimers Division of BLADE, a group dedicated to finding lost parts of the human's crashed ship, the White Whale. Their goal is not just lost parts, but any kind of technology that could be useful in building humanity's new home on Mira. Previous to her time on Mira she served in the Unified Government Forces Special Vehicle Guidance Squad. She served under the nameless hero who helped repel the attackers on Earth.

She is a capable warrior and appears to be one of the more skilled members of BLADE. Although she lacks a vibrant personality she commands a lot of respect on New Los Angeles. She also appears to have a soft spot for cats.


Elma was responsible for finding Cross's, player avatar, cryogenic stasis pod on the planet of Mira. She brings Cross back to New Los Angeles and convinces the character to join the BLADEs. She accompanies the party on missions as they try to uncover the human's new home planet of Mira.

Later is it is found out that she is not human but an alien whose purpose was to help develop technology that could help protect Earth against the impending alien attack.


Japanese Voice Actor: Houko Kuwashima

English Voice Actor: Caitlin Glass