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A backup clone body of M. Bison who is found and raised by Balrog, Ed makes his first appearance as a playable character in Street Fighter V.

Character Name Ed
Gender Male
First Appearance Street Fighter IV

First introduced in the arcade mode endings for Rose & Balrog in Street Fighter IV, Ed is known as "The Young Commander" and is one of a number of M. Bison clones. It is Balrog who rescues Ed and raises him as one of his own.

Thanks to gene design which accelerates maturation until peak fighting condition, Ed quickly transitions from a child (in SFIV) to a teenager (SFV story) to a young man (SFV Season 2 DLC). With Balrog as his mentor and Bison as his genetic source, Ed's fighting style is a mix of boxing & psycho power.

Street Fighter V is Ed's first appearance as a playable character, and he is notable for being the first character in the franchise to completely eschew joystick motions and chargers; his movelist is entirely input based.