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Daisaku Kuze

The most senior of the three lieutenants of the Dojima yakuza family in 1988 and patriarch of the Kenno clan. An experienced boxer, Kuze leads the bulk of the family's muscle and acts as Dojima's de facto commander following captain Kazama's incarceration.

Character Name Daisaku Kuze
Gender Male
First Appearance Yakuza 0


After Kazama's arrest, Kuze has taken up the reins as acting Captain of the Dojima Family. He is a man of yakuza tradition who prefers to let his fists do the talking, as opposed to the underhanded tricks of his Dojima cohorts. While he is not particularly power hungry, he still struggles for the seat of Captain against Awano and Shibusawa.

He is quite resillient, and is seen fighting Kiryu multiple times throughout the story and demands retribution for losing his finger and dignity to him. He becomes more impressed with Kiryu after every 'bout with him. This leads to him going through a change, showing there is honor within him, as he attempts to stop the torture on Tetsu Tachibana, and is willing to give up Shibusawa's location to Kiryu after.