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First appearing in the Dragon Age novel, Dragon Age: Asunder, Cole makes his video game debut as a companion in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Character Name Cole
Gender Male
First Appearance Dragon Age: Inquisition


Cole is a playable companion in Dragon Age: Inquisition. He is formerly a human mage, possessed by an otherworldly creature and has the latent blood magic ability to make all those who come into contact with him forget he was there.

In other media

Cole's origin story is uncovered during the events of the novel Dragon Age Asunder, which itself is a prequel to Dragon Age: Inquisition, telling the story of the mage/templar conflict after the finale of Dragon Age II leading up to the beginning of Inquisition.

Cole's story begins during an unknown time in the past, when The Chantry, Seekers of Truth and its Templars were still united and mages were still confined to the various Circles of Magi in Thedas. The Templars locked up a young human male mage in the White Spire, a Templar stronghold in Orlais. The young man was forgotten about and was dying until being possessed by a spirit or demon. Confused as to what he is with the addition of everyone forgetting about him whenever he leaves their sight, Cole remained in the White Spire dungeons.

During the book's present time, Cole meets the protagonist of Dragon Age Asunder, the mage Rhys, son of Dragon Age: Origins character, Wynne, and helps Rhys and the mages against the templars when war between the two breaks out.